24 March 2013

spring has not sprung

So not to sound like everyone else but to sound exactly like everyone else in nyc - when is spring going to get here? it snowed last week and the weekend before and they are saying still more potential snow this season. why oh why - aren't we all ready for summer or at least warmer days? yes, yes we are. sunshine really does make all the difference in the world and we are ready to get some. bring it spring - where are you, we are waiting with arms wide open to welcome you. spring brings the blooming of new ideas and I am ready. we need to shed the winter sweaters and shake off those blues. it's time to warm our bones and wear bikinis as we please. no more boots, no more socks - give me flip flops and short sleeve suits. the only place I want to feel cold, is in my office because you know that it's too hot outside, so they crank down the ac inside. and then I want to go bike riding on quiet roads along the water and sun tanning in central park. dust of those picnic baskets and get ready to find the city's best baguette - I know I am and I can't wait.

"I never want you to be anything but completely happy."



ellie said...

Great quote. Lovely urban pic too.

melifaif said...

Just come to Texas. It's been "summer" since February. lol.