About This Girl

Islandia wants to live in a world where naps aren't only for grade schoolers and everyone believes in magic. Magical things do happen everyday, if you just believe. And she is certain, if you just take a nap - the whole world will feel better. Originally from South Carolina, she has also lived in the USVI, Australia, and Florida. She now calls Manhattan home and isn't sure if she will ever fall in love with another city the same way. Ever.

As an Assistant, she's been applauded for her patience and willingness to accept tasks that are never too big nor too small. However, that is her day job. Her passion is in photography, crafting and adventure. She loves suggesting places to go and things to do. As for her eye, she's been praised for the natural ability to understand people's emotions and capture that on film.

"you were turning 'round to see who was behind you / and I took your childish laughter by surprise / and at the moment that my camera happened to find you / there was just a trace of sorrow in your eyes" {Jackson Browne}

When she's not playing all over NYC, you can find her traveling the world. No place is too small town or big city to visit. She's ready and willing to pay for that extra pages insert for her passport!
Party coming up? Planning a trip to the Big Apple? Ask her where to go - she loves helping with the details!

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