22 March 2013

a year ago today

I've been away so long, it seems. it feels so. a lot is happening. changes going on and coming up. and I've been looking back. thinking about how my last year that was. today a year ago I boarded a plane to africa for two months, with some exact plans but not at all planned. advice coming soon :: the things I'd do different and the things I'd keep the same. it was nice to travel solo but it would've been nicer to eventually meet up with someone I knew. someone that knew me. it's great meeting new people but by nature, I'm quiet and shy and somewhat of a homebody... I know, not what most people would think but it's true. maybe we have more in common than you think.  I appreciate my own space. so meeting so many new people, all the while searching for something within myself got a little tiring. I was ready for the unknown but with the familiar by my side. it totally makes sense to me. I love experiencing new things but not always with new people. but I know that's where we get stories and other adventures, so I embrace it. now I'm ready for adventures with people I know. people who know me.

{just a little jet lag on my face but so happy :: looking back, I can see how much I needed this change in my life}

Go Out Into This World and Be Something
Do Things That Make You Happy

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