26 March 2013

take me there :: swakop

Since I’ve been thinking about a year ago lately, I thought I would take you to where I was a year ago :: Swakopmund, Namibia. highly, highly recommend that if you ever get the chance to go, go. it’s this little seaside town that borders the desert with all kinds of random german influences. I laid out on the beach, sipped sundowners while watching the kite boarders in the sunset, went to the local museum, ate camembert and chutney on the patio, watched volleyball games from the picnic tables, sang karaoke with the locals, went four wheeling on the dunes, took springbok shots with the crew, at mexican food and pizza, went sand dune surfing, drank lots of cider, went shopping a lot and took so many pictures. there is so much to do in this little town. it’s simple and the perfect getaway. there were mostly south africans and europeans on vacation there and I would completely and totally go back in a heartbeat. everyone is so friendly and welcoming. I hope I do get to experience it all again one day.

"shining light from our own position may not illuminate 
or conquer the entire world 
but it can be a guiding friend to others in need."



ellie said...

So beautiful! Love the food pics too.

melifaif said...

Ahhhh....your photograohy TAKES me there. Thank you, so gorgeous.

ashley said...

Wow amazing! Lovely shots too!