30 January 2013

nov and dec :: new things

Yes, this is coming a little late but {to be cliche} better late than never, right? So finishing up my New Things of 2012… in November I shot my first wedding!! I'm sure most of you have read about it by now so I'm sharing what I wore the day of and I loved this outfit… until I fell in the rain and slid almost entirely under the car but that's a story for another time. Aside from that the whole experience was a blast. Then in December I got to shoot my first semi-fashion show. I was there to take photos of the jewelry on the models supplied by Jewell's Girls. Overall 2012 was pretty amazing for me on the new things front. I am so excited to see what 2013 will allow me to learn.
Can't wait for more photography opportunities in 2013!

"nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced."

  {john keats}


Matea Saric said...

That blue dress looks wonderful on you :)) Congrats on the new things, I hope this year will bring even more great experiences for you :))

Islandia Lane said...

Thank you! it is beyond comfy too. let's both hope for another great year :-)

Erika said...

Congratulations on shooting your first fashion show - that is incredible! I am always awestruck by your photographs! :)

April said...

Love the outfit too. Good color on you!