07 January 2013

just another day in love

In November I flew out to Utah and shot my first wedding. I was nervous, excited and so happy because it was for a family member. My younger cousin who is more like a niece or the baby sister I never had… I was even there to help drive her out to college in Utah a few years ago. Feels like yesterday and now she is a Mrs. 
Photographer perspective though, taking on a wedding day was a lot and I'm not sure if this is something I would want to take on full time but it was fun for the experience and the memories. I'm slowing learning more about editing and remembering that the best editing should be done in your camera meaning when you take the picture. Advice :: Don't take the picture knowing you can crop and adjust contrast, etc. Take the photo as it should be seen, as a final product. I used to do that more on film but now with digital and editing I sometimes forget and think, oh I'll just figure out a way to fix that. Not always the best idea. I'm still learning and reminding myself everyday of these tips. 

Seeing these two together is magical. They represent the simplicity of love; they are so sweet and kind to each other and you can feel them together in a room. It makes you want to know that love. Love forever. 

"When you love someone, 
all your saved-up wishes start coming out."

{elizabeth bowen}

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melifaif said...

Ok, I just got all sappy and ALMOST teared up. Almost. :) I love your eye...great captures.