01 March 2010

martini? no thanks, I don't like vodka. well, that's good. because this is gin, as it should be.

I let the challenge get away from me this month. Last week I ended up being out sick from work for what felt like most of the week! First time I ever really called in sick - one time I remember I tried to fake call in sick when I was 27 and I was planning to go to the beach - it rained that day - karma - I never fake-called in sick ever again. This past week though I was truly in the bed the whole time sick with fever and chills. Eating soup and drinking coconut water. I feel so much better but now I have to decide whether or not to finish up with my challenge... I think I may so let's see what I can come up with this week... until the next post here are couple pics from my Utah trip... {and a week from today I am so excited my Monday night's are back - GG returns to finish up the season}

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bananas. said...

your post title cracked me up!

love the pics. too bad it rained. boo all that.