29 January 2013

take me there :: honeymoon beach

As I mentioned yesterday, it is freezing here in NYC so during weeks like this I am dreaming of any place other than here. Specifically warm weather beaches {as I'm sure you are quickly learning… as if you didn't already know}. One of my favorite places in the world is Honeymoon Beach on Water Island in the Virgin Islands. I lived there when I was younger and as an adult, I try to visit as often as possible. The bonus of it all is that my Dad just moved back there full time, so visiting will be even that much sweeter in the future. 

Honeymoon Beach :: lunch at Heidi's Honeymoon Grill - late afternoon drinks at Joe's Beach Bar - Monday Night Movies on the Beach {and the ferry does late runs from St. Thomas for movie night} - live music on Sunday nights if you live on the island and/or can get a boat ride back to St. Thomas - snorkeling - volleyball and other activities are always coming up. If you are staying on St. Thomas for more than a couple days, it is worth the day trip over or even stay a night over at the campgrounds. 
Always welcome to email me with any questions! I just love it there.

Time Flies When You Are Having Rum!


Blond Duck said...

I don't know what that sandwich is but I want it.

Leesh said...

That's awesome that your dad moved back to a beautiful place. It's a pretty good place to visit and see family at the same time.

With all this cold weather, I'm yearning to be on a beach right now.

Matea Saric said...

Oh how perfect, wish I were there now :)) Looks like a little paradise :)

Islandia Lane said...

It is so delish! deluxe grilled cheese with their own spice rub and fresh off the grill, not just a stovetop. yum!