31 January 2013

12 new things :: 2013

Last year I focused on random new things to do each month. The majority of the items included traveling because well, really that's what I did last year. And it was awesome. But this year, I've decided to be more intentional with my new things and I'm keeping most of them New York based. You know all those New York things that you are supposed to know, that are a must do - must see. The ones I've been keeping in the back of my mind to do but never really checking them off my list… Well I'm checking them off my list this year! I'll be posting each month with the details, no rhyme or reason, whenever I can check them off. I'm excited!

- Bike ride through Central Park -
- Visit the Cloisters -
- Visit Basquit's grave in BK -
- Attend Saturday Night Live -
- Attend the Dr. Oz Show -
- Visit the Moma PS 1 -
- Go to Flushing Meadows-Corona Park -
- Go to Kings County Distillery -
- Visit Atlantic City for an overnight stay -
- Attend Letterman -
- Take the train to Montauk -
- Enjoy an Afternoon Tea -

{you will go far}

"I'm so glad I live in New York City and not the United States."

{r.l. stine}


Matea Saric said...

That first picure is wonderful :)) New York always seems so exciting, I'm looking forward to hearing more from your new adventures :))

Krystal said...

fab things to strive for!

Erika said...

That R.L. Stine quote is the second best thing ever - the first is you in that leopard fur...gorgeous!

Ooh, an afternoon tea and a trip to Atlantic City sound fabulous! :)