02 February 2013

dot dot dot

Sometimes I feel I need more time with the girls. Every girl needs girlfriends. It is a necessity to this crazy thing we call life. It can be one, three or twenty but it really makes a difference to have {those} people in your life. Some days you need to be around them and for them to take you as you are, no complaints :: good or bad - silly or mad {we've all had those occasions}. And with girlfriends comes girls night out, get togethers, understanding the need to scrapbook, brunches and lots of girly giggles. Whether you go all night dancing or enjoy a quiet coffee meet up, there's just something about getting together. Catching up and finishing stories that are left off with other stories and creating new ones. Even if you just meet to walk around Target :: throw on some fancy heals, wear your favorite glitter and indulge in a little girl talk. We all need it sometimes.

And sometimes those get togethers turn into a crazy long night out. So whatever comes to be of the night, just go with it and love it. And if you find yourself in Grand Central at 2am :: take pictures. These moments make the best kind of NYC night.

"girls are supposed to dance - that's why god gave them parts that jiggle."

{troy, community}


Jin said...

I love the Grand Central Station photo! I love hanging with my girls...sometimes we have a"lazy day" where we all meet in comfortable clothes and do girl things all day, like nails, watching chick flicks, crafting, etc
xo, jin

Erika said...

Yesyesyesyesyes! Time with the girls is like a mandatory part of life - I love it!

You and your friends are so gorgey; and that quote...LOVE! :)