16 January 2013

love times two

As you know I adore this couple and loved shooting my first wedding in 2012. In addition to their Utah wedding in November, they had a December reception in South Carolina. Most of the bride's family {my family} and old family friends live there. It was such a great time to see so many faces that I don't get to see that often. Since we did most of the traditional photos in Utah - I focused on details of them at this one. Simple and sweet, that's how they like it. But there was cake cutting and sparklers.
It was a celebration after all!

"Love is the moving force in the world. 
Without it there would be no life and no music."

{andrea bocelli}


Erika said...

These photographs are just stunning! They are such a beautiful couple; and I'm kind of obsessed with the bride's headpiece - so gorgeous! :)

Alisha said...

What beauties! I love the sleeves!

Katie Cervantes said...

Cute wedding photos!

ellie said...

Looks so beautiful! Love the intimate and sweet details of it.