15 January 2013

take me there :: island time

First, I want to say I love New York but I loathe the winter. I'm naturally not a cold weather person {though with faux fur I'm learning to like it a little more with each wear}… but the thing about New York is that, not only is it cold, it's often dreary and dark. The days are short and the darkness long. The sun rarely peeps out to say hello and so with that, the Winter Blues stop by and drag you down. It happens every year and then I'm dreaming of some place warm to be that matches the endless sunshine in my soul. 
As some of you know I try to do an island trip every year in the winter/spring but this year with all the 2012 traveling that I just finished up, it's not looking likely. So my ADVICE when those winter blues come creeping up :: look through old warm weather vacation photos, google sunny beaches and dreamy islands. Anything that gives you that happy {I'm drinking rum punch and wearing a bikini.all.day} feeling inside. I don't know… I've even considered cranking up my heat and walking around my living room in a bikini. Nothing wrong with that, right? Right. That's what I like to tell myself and it keeps me sane. Anything to keep my soul warm. More to come soon how to keep warm in the winter but what about you? How do you keep warm in the winter?

my personal warm weather vaca photos above include stops in :: puerto rico, water island and south africa. 
any island that keeps me warm is good enough for me.

:: as jimmy buffett sings ::

"so tell me all your troubles / I'll surely tell you mine /
we'll laugh and smoke and cuss and joke / and have a glass of wine…
I come down to talk to me / when the coast is clear"


Jin said...

I not a fan of cold weather either....I can't imagine living in NYC in the winter. I totally think that you should wear your bikini today while you flip through tropical pictures. Good thing that spring is just around the corner :)

xo, jin


Matea Saric said...

Seeing these pictures just make me miss summer even more :))


Well... said...

Wow, you really get to travel alot! Jealous, haha. I loved the Philippines, but we only get to go every few years.
Love these beach photos!

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