20 December 2011

you are my weekend {by evo}

This weekend was… filled with brunching and so many bellinis, walking all over the city, early and late night bar drinking, dropping off toys for tots, shopping, early holiday gifting, and napping. I enjoyed every bit of it but man, I sure am ready for things to slow down a bit. Oh and btw, it’s officially winter here, this weekend was freezing!

"sometimes you really do need to get a good look at things."

{marcel the shell}


bananas. said...

the window displays in NYC put SF's to shame.

NYC also puts SF to shame with christmas decor in general. i'm actually really disappointed with SF. hmph.

another reason why i must visit NYC more often.

happy holidays friend!

Jin said...

I'm jealous that you are NYC and i'm not :( I bet ALL of the christmas decorations are so pretty. Visiting NYC during Christmas is def on my bucket list!

BTW how are you? seems like it's been a while since I've heard from you :)


Marian said...

Kind of sounds like the perfect weekend to me!!

melifaif said...

Oh how I wanna be your friend....and live in NYC!!!! That's dee bid.ness right there!!!!