18 November 2011

vampire red and sparkle

With thoughts of Twilight in my head, last night I did my nails again… the only thing missing is a little glitter but I wanted to keep it to the sheer, sparkly pink and vampire red colors and I don’t have glitter in either of those. Maybe it’s time to go nail shopping again! And guess what tonight is!! Breaking Dawn, Part One :: that’s right, I will be there on opening night right after work with all the crazy, fanatic girls. I might be in my 30’s but we all need to let out our inner 13 year old every now and then. And you ask what I’m doing after. Well my grown up self will be ready for a drink. That’s right :: there will definitely be drinks after, I’ll need something to balance all those teenage girl hormones in the air. Anyone else as excited as I am to see Bella and Edward stare at each other for hours?

this am, leaves on the ground, gloves on the hand :: it's getting colder around here

“About three things I was absolutely positive:
First, Edward was a vampire.
Second, there was a part of him-and I didn't know how dominant that part might be-that thirsted for my blood.
And third, I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with him.”

{isabella swan}


Marian said...

Love those nails!!

Leesh said...

I'm the crazy girl who took the day off to watch Breaking Dawn. I bought my ticket some time ago for the first show and when I got to the theatre, I found out that all the high school kids had a day off. FML! Luckily, I found a later showing that didn't have so many screaming kids.

What did you think of the movie? I really liked it!

Lucija said...

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Rene, Gucci's mom said...


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Hope Adela Pasztor said...

Very adorable nails! =)


Sara Szatmary said...

I went to Twilight last night. SUCH a fun movie!

melifaif said...

I adore the wine color...so fab.