22 November 2011

what is with today {today}

This week. Woe is me, is what keeps ringing in my head and it’s only Tuesday. I rarely talk about work around here because this is my outlet of all things creative that I enjoy but I thought I’d share a glimpse of my day-to-day today. “What’s with today, today?” as Lucas would say. As for me, I work in the world of Finance as a Personal/Executive Assistant. Meetings, Travel, Lunches, Going to the Apple Store, Picking up Dry-cleaning and all that jazz. Girl Friday with a title, as I like to think sometimes. There are occasional perks but man oh man, on days like these it is hard to remember them. I love my job though and so the day moves on.

Last week I went to a screening of Another Happy Day. It was a great movie, real and emotional yet not that touching… it was hard to pinpoint a descriptive for the movie but if you watch it maybe you’ll get what I mean and I do recommend it. Q&A with the writer/director, Sam Levinson and actor, Ezra Miller following the movie. Also before all that I tried my first vegan cheese plate with chocolates and wine. Chocolates, amazing. Vegan cheese, eh. But Cocoa V was such a cute little spot, I’ll def be back to try more of their vegan sweet treats.

Q&A Movie Fun Facts
::Sam Levinson took three weeks to write the script::
::and he watched Fox News almost the entire time, while writing::
::only took 23 days to film::
::the writer of 3 songs in the movie was at the screening with his Mom, from Baltimore::
::Ezra Miller was 17 when filming the movie and the whiskey he was shooting was watered down apple juice::
::Sam Levinson loves to drop some f*bombs like I've never known::


bananas. said...

so i don't get it...are you a new vegan or just experimenting? i can't remember.

Islandia Lane said...

I've been a vegetarian for 17 years but sometimes I'm a wanna-be vegan, so I go through phases of not wanting to eat any dairy; however, I LOVE cheese way to much. Nothing ever compares to the yummy goodness. I can give up milk and ice cream, things like that easy. It's always just the cheese and butter. delish to me!