16 November 2011

wanted {island time}

The first year that I genuinely felt the definition of a vacation was in 2008. I have traveled and love discovering new places. I’ve been to islands, cities and small towns. On most vacations, I go-go-go because I like to see it all. Then in April 2008 after living in NYC for just over a year, I went with a couple girlfriends to Turks & Caicos to visit an old friend, who was chefing on a private island down there, Ambergris Cay. Amazing. I relaxed like I had not in a long time, maybe not ever. So many stars in the sky, you almost couldn’t see the darkness. Awake with the sun, nothing to do during the days but lay around, walk the island, drink homemade rum punch, eat the food that you caught and just enjoy the day. I never knew how important these moments were until I lived in NYC. The lifestyle is so very different in the City than anywhere else in America. Vacation is a necessity, I would perish here without one {or three}. And so this trip began the tradition of my spring island getaway. I’m already dreaming of where to go this year. It will be my 5th vacation season! The other previous trips :: 2009, St. Thomas :: 2010, Aruba :: 2011, Jamaica... any recommendations for 2012?

Turks and Caicos, 2008

:: this was the plane to get there from the main island, you should see the airport::

“Guess why I smile a lot. Uh, because it’s worth it.”

{marcel the shell}


Leesh said...

I have never been to Turks and Caicos, it's on my list though.

I have been to Jamaica, Cuba, Mexico and Punta Cana. I would like to visit other island but some are just out of my price range. I rather go to a real high-end adults-only place at an island I have already been to. I guess I am a creature of habit.

oh wait, I would like to go to Cayman Islands and Bahamas.

bananas. said...

oh ooohhhh i want to go to there!!!!

turks and caicos is definitely on my travel list. also on my list...

costa rica and bora bora.

Tina said...

oh my gosh this just looks like heaven. ive been dying to go to turks and caicos but i have the impression it's expensive lol maybe it is, maybe it isnt! but this looks dreamy! hmm... how about the bahamas?? or bora bora? THAT Is luxury!

Allegra said...

looks like great fun

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ooh, an island vacation sounds so perfect right about now! :)

melifaif said...

Ugh, I am beyond jelaous reading this. I have ALWAYS wanted to go somewhere like this. And my boss has!!! We researched and talked about it for weeks...so lovely. I vote for the Greek Isles. Hey! They could use the income, so I hear....have fun whatever you choose! Lucky lady. :)