14 October 2011

grape stomp, say what

Happy Friday! Continuing on with the past week celebrating… I forgot to mention that for my 30th B-day {two years ago in December} I did a wine tour of the Hudson Valley and it was a blast! Three wineries, B-day cake in the wine cellar, wine tasting galore and karaoke on the bus. Yep I said it, karaoke on the bus. So this year when my friend, Tiffany, started asking about it, I said :: it was awesome and so a Birthday Saturday was planned! Here I come again, The Little Wine Bus! Only difference is that October is Grape Stomping Season so guess what we did… stomped some grapes! It felt a little weird and kinda like we were standing in vats of grape jam. For this trip we did two wineries, including the oldest in the country. There was live music and grand views. We laid down a blanket and enjoyed the day with bottles, burgers and cheese, more than we thought possible.

::not sure what my bangs are doing but it's almost halloween, so we'll go with 'I'm pebbles inspired'::

"Age is just a number.
It's totally irrelevant unless, of course,
you happen to be a bottle of wine."
{joan collins}


bananas. said...

i'm not gonna lie...i'm kinda grossed out by the fact that those grapes are being mashed up by feet. bleh!

but i bet it was fun. i know i'd do it!

krissy rock said...

That looks so fun!!!