13 October 2011

a week ago yo

This whirlwind of a time {that started last Monday} officially kicked off when Michelle got into town last Thursday as a surprise to the Birthday Girl. And what a time it was to surprise her… kept changing her plans on me, telling me she’s not coming into the city, you name it {even had to get her fam involved!} Granted we/she had been partying almost every single day since she arrived. And that’s how you celebrate your 29+1, almost two weeks of everyday partying.
How it was supposed to happen: Tiffany meet me out and surprise, we’re all here!
How it actually happened: Tiffany’s cousin telling her :: hey, I have this promoter friend at Haven tonight – come out. Tiff’s aunt :: it’s your B-day week and you have friends to visit, you should go out, I’ll give you a ride into the city {her aunt lives in the Bronx}. Us {Michelle, Hillary and me} :: at the Carriage House, waiting :: then to Neely’s, waiting :: then to Sin Bin, waiting… finally we see the car pull up outside so Michelle runs and hides, Tiff comes in talking about how we’re going to meet Jenny at Haven and on and on {Michelle still hiding} and we’re like ok :: random couple walk by slowly and stand sort of close to Tiff, you see her glance over like who are these people, you could tell her space was invaded but she looks back to me and Hill and keeps talking, then the random couple part and Michelle goes, “did you order a baby guinness?” Tiffany didn’t know what to do, huge surprise {and not to mention that whole past week, she was on and on about how Michelle couldn’t make it and she couldn’t believe it}. It was close to perfect. Classic. And cut... now the celebrating begins.

13 Going on 30:
“I'll have a Pina Colada, not virgin.
Wanna see my ID? Totally have it!”

aka Jennifer Garner’s character


Jin said...

it looks like you girls had a fun time....happy belated bday!

Daniela said...

looks like you enjoyed it. Love the nail polish color

Little Ms. Fun said...

mmm Pina Colada! Now I'm in the mood..good thing it's Friday!

You ladies looked great :)
Have a nice weekend!