18 October 2011

sake, sake {sake bomb}

So many new moments and new people have ventured into my life this year. One being the people responsible for my Saturday and Saturday night. A new coworker and now good friend, is who arranged all of Saturday and when we first met, it was one of those moments where it’s like “but I’ve known you all along, right?” Her hubby is one part of Evens+Odds Creative and they recently started a blog and you know me and blog sharing… I just get so excited to see new blogs out there. So go check them out :: they are one family-bunch of creative!
On with the weekend and more new moments :: Saturday was enough to fill the whole weekend :: in Brooklyn by 9:30am to paint school murals for NYCares Day and then back to the city and down to the East Village for 2 hours of unlimited Sushi and Sake Bombs. That alone should explain how the rest of the night went. And when I say unlimited, I mean :: can we have another pitcher of beer? Sure. Can we have another {re-used yellowtail} bottle of sake? Sure. And so the night goes. It’s kind of ‘anything-goes’ after that. One last bar stop and I can’t say I remember much past a point but I think I was home and crashed right around midnight-ish. But still so much fun so… until the next one!

"Buy the ticket, take the ride."

{hunter s. thompson}


seagerl81 said...

Such a fun night! Love your pics <3

Little Ms. Fun said...

That looks like so much fun! I'm not a fan of sake, at all. I work for a Japanese company so I learned all the tricks. Next time your out ask for Princess Love Sake. It's fruity, cold, and delicious!

bananas. said...

unlimited sushi and sake bombs....whaaaattt?!!!!!

k i want to do THAT next time i'm in NYC.

Phan said...

That is so awesome, I'm so jealous I missed it! NEXT TIME! :)

Closet Fashionista said...

How fun! That mural came out so great :D :D
I'm not much of a drinker sadly...haha