28 September 2011

snow cones-and-acid drops

Last Friday was a friend’s Birthday that we celebrated with lunch and a movie then into a night of drinking , eating, dancing and rum snow cones. Yes, my friends :: rum snow cones, in a bar, kinda genius if you ask me. I must explain first though, I was so tired on this night because of the night before {which I will get to tomorrow}. I guess I’m backtracking a little here, just go with it. And with that in mind – these pics are less of the idea of trying to look nice and take good pics but more just taking them to make sure we remember these little moments and maybe not look too drunkie and in my case, trying to look less hungover yet continuing to drinking. Yea, that still happens sometimes.

1 - Ember Room :: 2 - Traffic :: 3 - 6 Reunion

"your list of people is my list of people"

{vanessa malcolm}


bananas. said...

rum snow cones....whhhaaaaaaaattt!!!! lucky!!!

and ps. you look beautiful. nuthin wrong with curing a hangover with more alcohol. i do it all the time! :)

Sara Szatmary said...

That looks like an amazing time!! Rum snow cones may be the best idea of all time.