26 September 2011

the roots of a youth

Around this time of year is when the movie world tends to start showing off their big guns in terms of good movies. Recently I’ve seen The Help, The Debt, Drive and The Warrior. All recommended to see if you haven’t and all for different reasons of course. And last night I saw a screening of 50/50 at the MoMa with the writer Q&A to follow. A movie about a boy in his 20’s who gets cancer. Will Reiser {the writer} was diagnosed with cancer when he was 25. The perspective of this movie was more real than most movies I see or feel today. It was normal-everyday, it was sad and it was laugh-out-loud funny, literally. Seth Rogen added the perfect comedic balance to the movie. I think and I hope we all have a friend like that. They might, on the surface, be a little selfish but deep down they really are only thinking of you and trying to deal. I could go through each great casting but I won’t – I’ll leave that for you to discover for yourself and they’re all that good. Really. Even the soundtrack is great.

Q&A Movie Fun Facts
:: Seth Rogen is a friend of the writer and was there for Will beating out cancer::
::originally the movie was titled, I'm With Cancer but they went with 50/50 suggested by Bryce Dallas Howard::
::Will's favorite scene ~ when Kyle, Seth's character confronts Adam's GF where half is scripted and half is his own improv::
::the first doctor scene "was sort of a f**k you to a certain Doctor" said Will::
you'll get it when you see it

“50/50? If you were a casino game,
you’d have the best odds.”

aka Seth Rogen’s charater in 50/50


Jin said...

I really want to see 50/50...looks like a super good movie!!!

Happy Monday!!

Fleur De Moi said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this film. Big fan of Rogen in general and knowing he is friends with the writer and connected to the story makes me want to see it even more.