29 September 2011

fishnets {or} snake skin

Sharing a little of my nail art this week. I decided to finally try out the stick-on ones from Sally Hansen and can I tell you? I LOVE them! I’ve used the OPI for Sephora also and they are great but Sally Hansen has so many designs and you can buy them almost anywhere now. Took me about 30 minutes while watching The Playboy Club the other night {which turned out to be a pretty decent show but not as good as Revenge}. I like to mix up a solid color with the print too. Also realized how awkward it is to take pictures of your hands, little goal :: to work on this. Any tricks for better angles?

“It ain't what they call you,
it's what you answer to.”

{w. c. fields}


melifaif said...

I am loving these. And that quote is fabulous.

bananas. said...

love it!!!

oh and did you say revenge? OBSESSED with that show right now. it's so good!

Leesh said...

I still need to try Salon Effects. It looks so easy but I always insist on painting my nails. I want to try nail art but I have no patience so it's better that I try stick-ons.

I like the ones that you have on.