27 September 2010

we all have the ability to create

Last week was full of busy work days and not even being able to catch my breath before the weekend already came and went. It’s Monday again… already. I’m going to backtrack some this week just to feel caught up with myself even {and then hopefully to catch up on all of you}! So today I’ll start with my 30for30 challenge… I quit. Yep, I did on day 21. And it felt so great to put on something fresh and completely new that first day (the 22nd) and the next day and the next day. It was a fun challenge to try but I was getting depressed having only a few things to create an outfit from {and I swear I only do laundry about once a month, if that so I was tired of having to remember to wash stuff!}. Here are the last few shots that I came up with. However, what I did get from this challenge is wanting to incorporate more fashion into my blog – not that I could be a fashion blogger but clothing is a huge part of my life and a big part of my creative outlet.

Happy Monday everyone!!
Next up: more Key to the City!


Eliana said...

Super cute pics. I especially love that pic of the hands with jewelry.

pinkapplecore said...

I really like the 17th of sept. outfit and you have really nice teeth! :)

Krystal said...

i think 21 for 21 one is still impressive! i could never have done it :)

Misty Michelle said...

This is so fun! I wish I had paparazzi following me around sometimes asking me "who are you wearing?" When I use to read 17 magazine that was my FAV! Thats what this reminds me of!