21 September 2010

first time for everything

Happy Tuesday! I kinda skipped Monday this week so catching up with life now... it has been full of FIRSTS for me lately! I met a fellow NYC blogger for the FIRST time, attended a FIRST B-day {and took that 1 year old to his FIRST museum} and watched the FIRST episode of Boardwalk Empire {which I thought was great – can’t wait to see what else happens}.

In other details, a new project I’m working on is taking portfolio/blog shots for other bloggers! The first being Ashley from Free Honey. We met last Friday and wondered around Central Park for a bit at sundown. It was fun for the FIRST time meeting a fellow blogger and I can’t wait to shoot her again! Go visit her blog here that she shares with Becca up in Boston. They have some great posts worth checking out.

Here's a preview of some of the shots - more to come from Ashley over at Free Honey!

Below are a few pics from this weekend at the MoMa and the Birthday Boy. For Yoko Ono’s current scream exhibit you walk up to the microphone and scream however you want. We got the little one to do a quiet scream. So adorable if I must say so myself. Also if you're in or around NYC the Matisse exhibit is beyond worth checking out.

"I seldom end up where I wanted to go,
 but almost always end up where I need to be."
~ Douglas Adams


bananas. said...

firsts are always nice. do tell me more about this blog portfolio project of yours. i'm intrigued!

and that is an adorable baby boy! happy 1st birthday to that bundle of cuteness.

Andreia said...

Nice pics and perfect outfit!!


Cafe Fashionista said...

Ah, the Birthday Boy is pure cuteness! I can imagine him facing years of "cheek pinchers" due to the adorable factor!

And I love the idea of a blog portfolio project - these photographs are phenom! I'm especially loving the last one of Ashley - there's something kind of vintage about the coloring. Love!! :)

Danielle Barbe said...

aw such great shots - love them.

i haven't gotten to watch boardwalk empire - i'm glad you gave it a glowing recommendation!

as for semi precious weapons, they were absolutely wonderful. so crazy onstage, and then just the sweetest, most down-to-earth people after the show. you can't ask for more than that!

Ashley [Free Honey] said...

Yay!!I'm excited to meet up again, already!

Glad the rest of the weekend was fun!

xo, Ash

Eliana said...

OK First - that baby is toooo adorable for words. I can seriously eat him up.

Second - we may have to talk about you takin some shots of me for my blog because these that you have here are awesome.

jamie-lee said...

I love that bottom photo of Ashley, it's so sweet!


Red Boots said...

Those photos are great!

Becca [Free Honey] said...

I had already snuck a peek at some of the shots you took of Ashley (one of the perks of sharing a blog is that I can snoop in her in progress posts!). The pictures are great. I wish I had someone like you who was into photography and willing to take some outfit shots of me and just experiment. For the most part it's just me and my tripod up here!!

Len David said...

I love how bloggers do collabs! It's so refreshing to see such a tight community here in blogspot :) Another blog to follow, yehey! I love your name, too. Islandia is very tropical (wow, I'm captain obvious here) haha!