12 July 2010

the two basic items necessary to sustain life are sunshine and coconut milk

Puerto Rico. I finally developed some film and wanted to share these few shots… I went with my friend, April and her {simply the cutest} baby boy! We also took her 7 year old cousin {because we stayed with her grandmother there} – we were two girls {with Pina Coladas in hand still} and two kids, each attached to us in one way or another. This Puerto Rico wasn’t my typical vacation but we had a blast! I wouldn’t have changed it in anyway. We spent the {early} mornings on the beach, the afternoons in surrounding towns {so happy we got a rental car} and had Rex Cream {almost} daily.

These pictures are of Sebastian experiencing a little bit of the ocean for the first.time.ever. So adorable.


pinkapplecore said...

wow, I haven't been to a beach in 8 years. I wouldn't mind see it again..

really lovely pictures.. kinda gives me this 70's feeling..

bananas. said...

gorgeous pictures! my cousin is in puerto rico as we speak (er, type). after having my first taste of puerto rican cuisine last weekend, i'm determined to visit some day.

Cafe Fashionista said...

Sebastian is such a cutie - love these pictures!! :)

Helena from BrooklynBlonde said...

Gorgeous pics! I'm going to Puerto Rico (San Juan) for the first time on Thursday. Cannot wait even more now! :)


Fashion Cappuccino said...

Awww...so sweet!! He's a cutie!! xoxooxxo

Krimly said...

lovely photos!!
so sweet! :)