08 July 2010

million dollar smile makes the night right

Simple Findings & Good Reminders

Putting on old JS heels is like riding a bicycle – I forgot how comfy they always are
{note to self: look through closet before grabbing standard black heel}
Blow-outs in Jersey are $12 plus the $4 bus ride round trip = worth it
It’s ok to think that having the bathroom 2 flights down in a club/bar is a butt workout for the night
{and then continue dancing}

Last Saturday I went out for a friend’s Birthday {random spot but we made it fun} and I love any excuse to get dressed up {and wear glitter}.

A couple bottles, dancin all night and my pair of glitter shorts made the night just right. I had fun putting my outfit together - what do you think of it?


bananas. said...

you're so pretty woman! look at you rockin the glitter shorts like what!!! haha. i love it.

have a kick ass weekend!

MyLittlePhotographs said...

What a fun night!!

April said...

First off you have the best smile of anyone we know! So all your pics always look good. ;) Loved the glitter shorts and the whole ensemble! I have to go shopping in your closet one day soon. :)