09 June 2010

a little taste ~ a long mile

Every June the City puts on Taste of Times Square and Museum Mile. The first is that area restaurants set up food booths and we get to redeem our tickets for a little taste. mmmm - we tried too much to recount and most all of it was delish. The second is when nine museums along 5th Avenue open to the public for free entry from 6pm - 9pm and they have street art and live music. The spaces are always crowded but my favorite part is just walking along 5th Ave looking for De La Vega's mark {I've mentioned him as a fav, times before in my blog}.

Also my camera officially died last night {sad sigh} and now I have to find a replacement {which I will do with lighting speed - what would I do without a snapshot digital to carry everywhere!?!}.

I still have so much to catch up with... and you guys are right... kinda crazy how I just skipped PR all together! Updates and more snapshots soon - this street photo class may be more than I signed up for time wise but I am loving it.

Happy, Happy - Joy, Joy!


Alice said...

you have a great blog! really terrific post - thanks for showing us all a new side of NYC - and layout :)


Cafe Fashionista said...

I'm kind of in love with those little chalk sidewalk drawings - tres cute!! :)

Becca said...

Love the chalked graffitti, they're so cool!