07 June 2010

a little zen time, I need

I really don’t have much thought to post today but wanted to put something up… after this weekend I am in dire need of some resting and maybe even a few days of no drinking. I’m exhausted and still feel so behind with my work and in my personal life… tonight I have the Taste of Times Square and tomorrow night is Museum Mile. I love it all but wow, slow down a little, I hope it does soon.

This picture is from a Star Wars exhibit that we literally stumbled into in Ponce, Puerto Rico from last month {oh, that’s part of me not being caught up yet! I took a trip to PR and still haven’t shared pictures}. Not even really a fan of the movies but had to take some snapshots because it was so random. To pull some thoughts like Yoda and just chill the next couple of weeks I need. Yeesssssss.


♥Aubrey said...

Cute pics!
Wish we all had the knowledge of Yoda.

bananas. said...

puerto rico?! um wait...that's kind of a big deal. tell me more!

pinkapplecore said...

omg...how can you go to Puerto Rico ..stumble upon a stars wars convention and forget???? :D

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

your pictures are too funny! thank you for your congratulations yesterday and good luck getting the r&r you're craving :)

The Fashion Bloggess said...

wow love this post! just like every
other! LOVE your bloggg so much!
Such an inspirartion! Definitely
bookmarking you, hope you can stop
by mine sometime :)