13 April 2010

wine brightens the life and thinking of anyone ~ thomas jefferson

As some of you know I am a huge fan of wine and yesterday I took my Mom to Xai Xai after work… even though the wines are pricey – this place is turning into one of my fav spots in the city and yesterday they had the doors open, letting in all the spring air… I can already imagine spending half of my summer happy hours here or maybe just those lazy Sunday afternoons… gotta love the lush in me!

Xai Xai is a South African wine bar – they play such happy music and everyone there is always so nice. I sipped on Seven Sisters Pinotage Rose – it was on the sweeter side but had such a clean finish that it had me dreaming of summer days to come – very refreshing. I realize now though I look so tired in this picture {and it was only Monday}! My mom doesn’t like taking pictures or being in them so these are the few shots I was able to get. If anyone is in the city – this place is definitely worth checking out!

~Happy Tuesday~


Bijou's Style said...


looks like a great place



♥Aubrey said...

Cheers!!! Monday deserve a drink or two...just to start the week off right :)-

bananas. said...


whatever you ordered looks delish! and wine is always so nice on a sunny day...heck even a cold day!

Cafe Fashionista said...

You may be tired, but, nevertheless, you look beautiful in that picture. And what your ordered looks so incredibly delicious. I'm starving now!! :)

Andee Layne said...

this looks like a lovely afternoon:)