12 April 2010

we're all looking for love ~ then we find it and love isn't enough

{image credit: thanks GenArt}

Friday night was the GenArt Film Premiere of Elektra Luxx – another entertaining night of a movie. The movie is about a retired (aka pregnant) porn star played by Carla Gugino. She fit the role perfectly. Oh and in person her voice is the sultriest voice I have ever heard – I was a little jealous; I’ll admit it. Her character was strong-minded and independent yet very open and vulnerable. The movie has a campy feel to it and I do think it could’ve used a few more campy scenes therefore making it less serious. Sometimes trying to make a movie serious (when it doesn’t need to be) equals a little too cheesy. But it was entertaining, filled with laughs and also made you think about the role in life as a woman. This movie was definitely all about women. If you want something light and enjoyable then see this movie – it was worth a couple hours of my time. They also did the Q&A after the film and hearing the director/writer speak – I am just such a fan of him now and I cannot wait to see more from him.

Fun Facts of the Movie
- Movie was shot in 15 days
- This movie is part of three movies all related - Women in Trouble – Elektra Luxx - Women in Ecstasy
- The female actors said the director makes them feel comfortable so they take risks in character and Carla added that sometimes that is when the best things happen in film
- When writing such a film – you write with a budget in mind
- Also this was the first real premiere because at the first premiere the film cut off an hour in and they never got to finish it

The after party was at Hudson Terrace – I went for a drink and saw that guy from Gossip Girl and that guy from Heroes but I didn’t stay out too late… my Mom arrived Saturday am at 9 for a visit – so I needed to make sure I got some sleep! More details on the weekend later…

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


Anonymous said...

loving these photos
looks like youre having so much fun!
you have an awesome blog, keep it up!
thanks for sharing as always
and thanks for the encouraging comments!


pinkapplecore said...

yeah i see a lot of cheesy movies, because they tried to hard to make it serious. and im glad you had a good time!

when i was reading this i thought you had wrote that she had a shrill voice and was jealous...i started laughing then reread it and felt silly hahaha.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I can't imagine filming an entire movie in just 15 days - that's amazing!

So glad you had a fabulous time, my love!! :)