09 April 2010

a love letter isn't about you ~ it is about the person you are writing to

Last night I attended my first movie premiere through GenArt Film Festival. 7 premieres – 7 parties. They are an organization that showcases up and coming art, performance, design and film. This year is the GenArt 15th Annual Film Festival and they have a great lineup to see. Last night I saw Waiting For Forever. It was a movie full of heart; that is real and loveable and well done. It does have a serious theme and really looks into people’s deep relationships and how life is viewed and what is accepted but it was so great to watch. Whenever or wherever it is released – I highly recommend you see it. After the screening they did a Q&A with the writer, director, producer and some of the actors. So fun to be a part of!

Fun Facts of the Movie
- For Will to wear pajamas, it was the writers idea because he has a friend in Cali that wears them regularly
- Tom Sturridge brought the hat to the character which is also used on the movie poster now
- Tom found the script on the floor of the guy’s couch he was crashing on
- Rachel embodies that person that makes the wait worth it (as stated by the writer and director)
- Composer of the movie is a 5 time Oscar winner (and he was at the premiere)

My camera was acting up last night and wouldn’t let me get good shots in the lighting but here are some at least. After party was at SL (the old Lotus) on 14th St with free tequila and stella – can’t wait for more tonight! Tonight I’m going to see Elektra Luxx and will share more details with you all after the weekend and hopefully get some better snapshots this time.

Have a Happy Friday!
{and the rest of the weekend}


Cafe Fashionista said...

Based on the facts behind the film, you've made me desperately want to see Waiting For Forever - it sounds amazing! And you look absolutely amazing!

Happy, Happy Friday, my love!! :)

Margaret said...

really enjoyed reading this :D
love your blog
great photos and posts!
stop by some time xx

pinkapplecore said...

wow that sounds fantastic, I'm glad you had a great night!! Hope the next is even better

OH i know some times the lighting is so bad you just can't do anything with it. grr

bananas. said...

i've never been to a movie screening like this. sounds very foo foo VIP and fun!

hope you're enjoying your weekend hun!!!

elledee said...

wow what a fun night! Great review, I will have to check it out