16 April 2010

been there - done that - messed around

Last night the roomie and I went to Zac Posen’s {for Target} Shop Around the Clock party! It was surprisingly so.much.fun. We got to see The Like perform – who were awesome - and we got to shop the collection more than a week before it hits stores. I'm such a sucker for Target/Designer collaborations. It was a little annoying as some girls were practically hoarding a few items and therefore not leaving many sizes to choose from… but either way I lucked out with three pieces. Cannot wait to show them off! This is when I love NYC the most – all the wonderful things we get to do {especially after midnight}.

Hope you all have an awesome weekend!


pinkapplecore said...

wow I swear one day I am going to go to new york. You look so pretty and it seems like you had a blast!!

(always)alanna said...

im jealous- this looks like so much fun!
i havent been to the city in about a year- its so depressing..

bananas. said...

more reason why i wished i lived in ny.

can't wait to get my hands on some of that collection!