29 January 2009

Many Things to do in the City

This week and next there are 20 Off-Broadway shows that are $20, 20 min before the show. To my knowledge they do this every year but I wasn't able to make it to any last year. Last night after my dance class, my friend and I tried to make it to see The Marvelous Wonderettes and we did make it. There was a small line but nothing more than waiting for seats for a more popular Broadway show would've been. It is set at a 1950's senior prom and opened a little slow and thought it would only be the 4 girls singing at first but then about 3 songs in - the humor of the show kicked in and it turned out to be a very feel-good, pick me up kind of a show. I am very happy that I went to see it and it was definitely worth the $20.

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