15 August 2014

Dreaming up a Plan

Routine: I've learned there’s comfort in having a morning routine or ritual. I have always been a person of spontaneity and thrive on last minute excitement. Believing in “the less routine, the more life.” I rarely say no to the opportunity of adventure. But recently I’ve found I should say no sometimes and I’m starting to find the pleasure in routine. I find myself more productive in my day to day and that it is ok to enjoy the simple things & just be. I don’t have to be doing everything and being everywhere all the time. It’s hard in the city though because there is literally always something going on. I’ve also learned it helps my day be more industrious and each morning I’ve started reading this statement that Eric Baker wrote,
If you start the day calm it’s easy to get the right things done and focus. But when we wake up and the fray is already upon us — phone ringing, emails coming in, fire alarms going off — you spend the whole day reacting. This means you’re not in the driver’s seat working on your priorities, you’re responding to what gets thrown at you, important or not."
It really is that simple. This modest statement has had the biggest effect on me recently. I’ve always been a ‘sleep in until the last second’ person; the ‘it can wait until tomorrow’ person. But now, I’ve been giving myself that extra time in the morning and starting my day right, the right way for me. I’ve learned not to react to things that don’t necessarily need a reaction. Maybe this will be helpful for someone or not and it seems like such a trivial thing to struggle with but I do. So all I know is that starting my day with routine has oddly enough made me a happier person all around and I never thought it could be as simple as that. Of course there is still Saturday and Sunday where routine goes out the window and I still, most definitely, kill the alarm clock then.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine.”  
 {mike murdock}
and this song helps too: Michael Trent - Daily Routine

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