29 August 2014

Coloring my Life at The Color Run

Back in May this year -- details here -- I did my first Color Run in Queens, NY. And it was too much fun - just getting colored powder thrown all over you and getting happy for no particular reason should be a must on everyone's life to do list. Every single person is smiling and giddy and in that moment, having the time of their life. Some people run, some people walk and I skipped a lot.
My first run then inspired me to fly out to Utah, gather the girls in my family {where they live - so I'm not that crazy for following the run} and do another one with them. Even my Mom joined in {she is not a runner & definitely thought I said rum} and we had a blast. I highly recommend this party run to everyone - it isn't called "the happiest 5k on the planet" for no reason! Zumba in the morning - Run, Play & Get Colored - After Party with a DJ - jumping around like mad women {there are guys who do the run as well} to sick beats aka Calvin Harris and the like and throwing around our own colored powder packs for the group color toss. They give these out at the finish line and continue to throw them out from the stage. I can't say it enough -- So. Much. Fun. Now go get motivated and do one! They are everywhere.
Oh and there are bubbles and kaleidoscopes and kind bars.
Need I say more?

"life is a blank canvas, and you need to throw all the paint on it you can."
{danny kaye}

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