07 February 2013

February :: five things to do

It just keeps getting colder and colder here. And this weekend we are supposed to get almost a foot of snow in the city because of some massive snow storm heading our way from all directions. Not fun for this warm weathered baby! So in this case, all my suggestions this month revolve around mostly staying in your house. Sometimes that's just the best thing to do. 

1 :: D.I.Y. something from pinterest 
Make it happen! I'm sure we all have at least 25 things we've been wanting to do. Now is the time to check one or  three off the list. I decided to organize my necklaces. Not so much a D.I.Y by definition but it helped me see all that I have and it's so fun adding jewels to my outfit each day now. What I did :: I took old shower curtain hooks {I recommend ones with double hooks, i.e. separate for the liner and the curtain} and used the extra towel bar that I had in my bathroom and tah-dah! I love it.

2 :: host an oscar party
I love watching the Oscars and award season in general. All the dresses, up-dos and shoes? Yes, please. Yet somehow every year I always just end up in my sweats on the couch with a bottle glass of wine. What about dressing it up a little? Make a fancy cheese plate, bake some mini cupcakes with edible glitter and throw on some pearls with a faux fur shawl. Sounds fun to me! 

3 :: perfect your favorite recipe
I'm sure we all have that one recipe that's a go to when you need something easy to make, but what about that favorite recipe? It could be your grandmother's manicotti or something from your favorite restaurant. Why not try to find that recipe and make it delicious. My favorite? Vegetarian Southern Fried Chicken from Red Bamboo. Oh it's so my favorite. 

4 :: have a play day indoors
I'm suggesting Chelsea Market and I just wrote about it here. There are restaurants, shops {even an Anthropologie!}, art stores, book stores, coffee shops and more. Outside of NYC though I'm thinking this would be like spending the day at the mall. Sometimes you just want lots of indoor space to browse the day away. 

5 :: make a winter playlist
Picking the vibe and playing into that mood can do wonders for your spirits. If you want to be happy, make a pick me up playlist. If you are sad, make a sad playlist. The thing about sadness :: if you don't let it play through in your emotions, it doesn't really leave you and I've found making a playlist and letting it sink it, helps immensely. I'm part of a CD club {sounds cheesy, I know} and I love it. We pick a theme each month and I'm realizing even more how much the music sticks to my soul. Life really would be a mistake without music. 

"I think music in itself is healing. 
It's an explosive expression of humanity. 
It's something we are all touched by. 
No matter what culture we're from, everyone loves music."

{billy joel}


Sam said...

I ma loving these ideas, especially the Oscar party and the recipe one, both of them i have to try out.Thank you kindly for your visit..Hope you have a wonderful Friday doll!

Mónica C. Welton said...

Chicks in Feathers
Chicks in Feathers FB Like it?

MateaTPol said...

great ideas , making oskar party is great idea!

Sharon Lei said...

What fun and great ideas. I'm always excited to do any DIY related. :) And I love being in the kitchen as well.

Hope you're doing great, hun!

xx Love & Aloha

Erika said...

Yes to the Indoor Play Day - that is literally the best idea EVER! :)

Je ne sais quoi said...

so cool! i loved it ! it's like a resolution !
and by the way thank you for stopping by and for your beautiful comment!