06 February 2013

baby it's cold

Even in this cold, I still want to be outside… so I say bundle up, suck it up and go outside. I used to say to myself {and anyone that wasn't tired of listening} that I could never bare this northern cold. I am a warm weathered girl by nature, heart and soul. But you learn. You learn to layer. You learn to bundle. You learn to add the scarf, the gloves, the hat, the occasional layer of cashmere. And you learn to just suck it up and hope the sun peaks out to say hello every hour or so. Sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn't. Last week I took the time to go out, walk around, photograph stuff and simply enjoy the afternoon. However, I did find myself inside a movie theater later… I needed some excuse to warm up, right? I was freezing!

Note to the above, in reference to me… not really, but I thought this was a fun find. Life reminder :: don't forget to look down every once in awhile or you might miss the best discovery of the day.

"New York… if you can make it here, you've lowered your standards of living."


Matea Saric said...

I agree with everything you said, I'm also not the winter type of person but when you can't fall asleep and wake up in the middle of spring, you learn to layer :))) Love what you're wearing, great pants :))

Erika said...

Oh, that life reminder is so inspiring. You are so inspiring. I always feel uplifted and adventurous after paying a visit to your blog! :)

Islandia Lane said...

Ah, thank you girl! that is the highest compliment in my book. I greatly appreciate it!!

Islandia Lane said...

Thank you! they are my favorite thing right now.