09 November 2012

take me there :: st. thomas

St. Thomas is a place for shopping and beaches. The snorkeling is easy and the waters, beyond beautiful. Their jewels sparkle like the sea on a smooth sunny day. A few spots that I checked out during my last visit weren't as typical as I usually do but I'm so glad I did. We tasted Bones, their local rum {note the distillery is only open when cruise ships are in town}, sipped on St. John's Island Summer Ale at Tickles and smoked hookah at the Hubbly Bubbly lounge and by the way, their food is delish. Side Note :: if you like to take drinking vacations {which I do} then you are in luck in St. Thomas :: see the $8.99 price for a bottle of rum? not a special price, that is it all the time… on the other hand mixers like soda will run you about $5 and up. Island priorities, they have some good ones. 

"Searching is half the fun: 
life is much more manageable when thought of 
as a scavenger hunt as opposed to a surprise party."

{jimmy buffett}


Jin said...

I will take a shot of rum please! lol

Life's a shoe said...

that last picture is so awesome...

Cafe Fashionista said...

Ummm...I'm kind of in love with the labels on the bottles - so Pirates of the Caribbean. :P

P.S. Can we just take a moment to note how incredibly gorgeous you look in your profile pic? Seriously...stunning! :)

Islandia Lane said...

thank you ladies!! and Erika - thank you so much for noticing my profile updates {more to come soon} - you always have the sweetest comments :-)