31 October 2012

skulls, webs and masks :: oh my

By now I'm sure most of the country and even the world has heard about Hurricane Sandy - the "Frankenstorm" of the season… of the year, really, for us along the East Coast. First I will say, my thoughts and wishes are going out to all those that were affected so deeply. There has been flooding, fires, trees falling, power outages and subways emerged. It has been a lot for NYC to take in and that's not even including what New Jersey feels like. However, I was on the fortunate side. I live in midtown Manhattan, which seems to have the least damage possible. I still have power, hot water and heat. I know I am a lucky one and I am thankful for that. Today people were back to work, going out to eat, shopping and dressing up. After all it is Halloween! My favorite holiday of the year. The day I get to draw stars on my face, wear glitter to my hearts content and no one seems to notice. I love it. Though I didn't get dressed up today and they postponed the 39th Annual Halloween Day Parade, I did want to share a few spirited photos that I've been taking around the city this past week. Here are happy thoughts to those still waiting on power and assistance, hoping it comes to you soon and…
 Happy Halloween to all!

::Stay Safe New Yorkers::

"if human beings had genuine courage, 
they'd wear their costumes every day of the year, not just on halloween."

{doug coupland}


Katie said...

I think that first photo is my favorite!

Thanks so much for stopping by my little piece of the web.

scott davidson said...

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Cafe Fashionista said...

I hope that you had an incredible Halloween! I am loving those adorable decorations!! :)

Amber said...

happy to hear the storm didnt hit you too hard. I still cant believe the flooding that took place in NY. Its crazy.

K said...

No costume photo??