12 October 2012

movie, movie and a muse

This last few fun city things I've done have been free and free is for me. Not only that but they've been awesome too. Regarding Warhol is at the MET right now and so worth seeing. It's sixty artist over fifty years that have been influenced by Warhol in one way or another. Plus some great Warhols, some I've never seen before and that is always fun; to see something new from a favorite artist. Viewing his work this week also made me think about how interesting it would be see his take on all the social media that is 'us' right now. Would Warhol rule instagram? I just keep thinking so. 

{photo taken this summer in Union Square :: not part of the exhibit at the MET}

Last week I went to a screening of Smashed at the MoMa. So worth seeing. Not so serious but serious. Relatable but not because it's you. The cast? great. The acting? even better. 

This week I went to the premiere of Here Comes the Boom. Such a fun night. I was no more than 6 feet away from Adam Sandler and many others from the cast, though I didn't get to see Kevin James in person. That would've been cool. The movie was a typical Happy Madison film and I mean that in a good way. Happy endings, {not what you're thinking, it's PG} touching stories, unsung heroes, awkward characters and funny one liners. 
Also, go see it.

Hope your weekend is filled with fun. Happy Friday!!

"life without music would be a mistake."
{friedrich wilhelm nietzsche}

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LyddieGal said...

sounds like a very fun way to spend an evening - so cool you got to go to the premier!
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