31 July 2012

feb to jun :: new things

Back in January, I wrote about doing something new each month vs making a list of random new years resolutions {that rarely get accomplished for most of us}. However, with all these bold plans of the new year that I had/did, I didn't keep up with posting them. But doing new things each month? That I did do. 
Here you go.

February 2012
:: road trip it to Memphis, TN ::

March 2012 
:: volunteer for EHRA in Africa ::

April 2012
:: explore Africa, go to Botswana ::

May 2012
:: go to Cape Town, South Africa ::

June 2012
:: enjoy a jobless summer in the city ::

::your highness::
"I propose a toast ~
let us drink until our asses are drunk."


bananas. said...

i'm the most jealous about your "jobless summer in the city" thing. wish i could join you...

ellie said...

Very inspiring. You are setting the standard high for the rest of us. Great post!

ivy's closet said...

This is wonderful. Really, a great and amazing take on giving.

Cafe Fashionista said...

I think it's awesome that you spent so much of 2012 in Africa - I have always wanted to visit South Africa myself. Beautiful photographs - especially the sidewalk chalk in NYC! :)

Camille said...

thats awesome! you did a lot of things! awesosme list!

two birds said...

those are some amazing accomplishments! good for you!

Amber said...

wow those are some really awesome accomplishments. You should be very proud of yourself.

Leigh Ann Fisher said...

I see you were on Main Street in Memphis... how cool to be able to travel to Africa. I'm ready to turn a page in my life a do something that inspires me. You have helped me on that journey!

Joanne Faith said...

Wow, well done! Those are all really awesome things to have done!

melifaif said...

Completely jealous. Good for you...I see you really know how to LIVE LIFE!!!!