03 January 2012

too much rock for one hand

2011, hello, I loved you, bye bye :: 2012, why hello there :: the past year was filled with highlights but I am ready for a New Year and now 2012 is here! I’m not usually one for the typical resolutions like be more fit, read more books, drink less wine… so this year I’ve decided to do something new each month that I typically wouldn’t do or maybe even something I thought I’d never do. Sky Diving? Speed Dating? Another Tattoo? Kind of along the lines of what would you do if you knew you couldn’t fail or no fear or just plain, trying to achieve greatness. Cheesy much? Maybe. But that’s me and this year feels like it’s time for all those things. Anything you can suggest that you thought you’d never do?

Except first, some Christmas moments to look back on – it was a good one this year.
Now cheers to a New Year!!

Matt Damon’s character in We Bought a Zoo:
“All it takes is 20 seconds of insane courage and great things will happen.
I promise.”

{benjamin mee}


melifaif said...

Rock on....love the trying something new each month thing. Never been big on resolutions. Ever. Never. So.not.me! Cheers to great new things!

bananas. said...

not a fan of resolutions but i like your idea of trying something new and daring. you go and i'll tag along! ;)

also, what a gorgeous family you have! family group photos seriously warm my heart.

smile on gorgeous!