02 December 2011

cake and more cake

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to me!! That’s right, it’s my BIRTHDAY and I am so eager to let the drinking begin. Oh the reasons to celebrate. Little story for the day… so, last year I decided to try my first Birthday give-away and can I tell you, in true me fashion, I have yet to mail out the winners little box of goodies! ::so sorry:: I am often delayed, late and I procrastinate like crazy but I never forget… so that little box of goodies will be in the mail soon, I promise. And promises mean the world to me. With that, this year I decided… since I like the whole good to get but great to gift… I will send out a favorite little something to the first three people that wish me Happy Birthday by commenting below! You know like a top three thing. Now the rest of you tell me something great that happened for your Birthday this year. I love reading happy little stories. I’m stoked for my 32nd year… kinda feels like I’ve been building and working towards some new things in my life and good things are going to happen this next year. It just feels right. Lastly, I’m going to donate to a favorite charity ::still deciding:: $10 for each person that comments on this post. Creating some good ol’ celebration cheer, that’s what it’s all about.

Have an amazing weekend! Party Pictures coming soon…

::Random NYC B-day SnapShots::

"As you grow older, you will discover that you have two hands,
 one for helping yourself, the other for helping others. "

{audrey hepburn}


Angel Garcia said...

Happy birthday! Haha looks like it was a lot of fun :)

All the best, ~Angel

ms.composure said...

happy bday!!! looks like an amazing time!!!

and to be honest i started helping this family with the help of a blogger that i know. i think there are tons of local agencies that should be in your area! i def know you can contact the salvation army if not a local church. i know i have helped sponsor families through both of those resources. you def should look into it! i love doing it :-)



Anonymous said...

So glad I was able to stop by for awhile. I jugs remembered we have to give Ella her rings, lol.

Our Beaten Path said...

Woot woot, happy birthday!

vanessa said...

When was this taken? You look great on the pics and super happy...like always!!!

bananas. said...

happy belated birthday hun!!!!! i just know you had a blast this weekend because a) it's your birthday and b) you're in new york! woo!!!

now hurry up and fill us in. we need new b-day snapshots to ooh and ahh at!

Leesh said...

Happy birthday! It looks like you had a great time.