30 November 2011

happy happy joy joy

I’m simply happy today. Maybe because the weather has been so nice here lately, maybe because I was up making rice krispie treats at 1 o’clock in the morning last night, maybe because I found some good shopping deals last week and am almost done with my Christmas Shopping or maybe… because Friday is my BIRTHDAY!! That’s right, my BIRTHDAY is coming up and I love BIRTHDAYS! They make me so ecstatic! All the memories to be made and laughs to be had. And lately drinks with friends has been far and few between so more than anything I’m just excited to catch up with everyone and see all those faces that I’ve been missing. Here a few favorite B-day moments of years past…

::16th, getting my first car... doesn't it suite my wardrobe even back then::

::27th, last bday celebration in MIA, 3.5 weeks later I moved to NYC::

::29th, cheers to some bowling in NYC::

::dirty 30, and so it begins::
 “It takes a long time to grow young.”
{pablo picasso}


melifaif said...

I think the Dirty 30 looks the best yet!!!!! I know 31 will be spectacular!!!! Happy early birthday wishes love.

bananas. said...

aw yay!!! i love birthdays too...even the ones that aren't mine.

you know if i was there in nyc with you, i'd already be celebrating.

so what are your plans? do tell!

Marian said...

Um, what was your first car?? I'm kind of in love with it...and no lie, I'm pretty sure my VW was the same color:) Plus, we both have a birthday this week. I'm actually the big 3-1 today:) Sure does take a long time to grow young!!

Allegra said...

looks like fun! http://allegrabj.blogspot.com/