16 September 2011

you, me {and two guitars}

This week I finally got to see Bryan Greenberg play a little of his music and a few fun {some of my favs} covers. He’s played in NYC multiple times but for some reason or another, I was never able to make a show. Also with him, was Julia Sinclair. She was awesome, def a new fan. Wednesday night they played at the Canal Room, which also happened to be my first show there. It was a great little venue and I discovered this hole-in-the-wall place next door, Nancy Whiskey. That place smelled of a drunken night waiting to happen and I mean that in the most hot mess kinda way possible.

“He loved her more than anything,
even his own life. I think that's what love is.
Anything else is just, a distraction.”

{daniel seaver}
aka Bryan Greenberg in The Good Guy


bananas. said...

wait...he's an actor right? i didn't know he sings...he looks like a singer though. kinda cute too. i might need to check him out. off to itunes! ;)

happy sunday!

ellie said...

I do love his music. I actually have some. He's a pretty cool actor too. Wow, sounds like a great time.

Jennifer Leible said...

Ooh I love Brian Greenberg! Jealous!! I used to watch him on October Road but then it was canceled. So sad. I need to check out his other stuff!