09 September 2011

heels on the sidewalk

I’m sure everyone knows what last night was, right? It was Fashion’s Night Out!! Always a blast but this year for me, it was less about the celebs and more about the champagne. It seems almost every store had some this year… here are a few of my highlights.
Oh and Happy {oh my gosh so happy} Friday!! Have a fabulous weekend everyone.

:: Ann Taylor hearts Natasha Bedingfield ::

:: Becka Diamond, you kinda rock ::

all photos taken by me last night throughout midtown Manhattan.
Check out my past years here and here.

“Party people / Now I want you to grab your bottles /
 Put them up in the air // Now shake, shake,
shake that bottle then make it {pop}”

champagne showers


Marian said...

Looked like an amazing time!!

Holly said...

omg looks so so fun! reading everyones tweets that night was cool but its nice to see some pictures! love your shoes :)

bananas. said...

great GRRREAAATT pictures!!!

AND you just reminded to wear my black and white geometric blazer (as seen in the photo above). i forgot how cute it was.

Jin said...

it looks like you had so much fun...I'm jealous lol. Awesome pics!