01 September 2010

you better, you bet

Well Hello September! Can you believe September is already here? I can’t. And in the City today it is HOT and when I say hot – I don’t mean a warm breeze across the water to cool things off, I mean down right, gosh darn, sweltering. I feel like I just walked out of a sauna and went straight to work. H.O.T. {and of course I decided to walk to work today} O’well though, I still kinda love it so I’ll take it.

Pointing out two things I am so excited for coming in the month of September… First, my favorite guilty pleasure returns, those girls and guys from Gossip Girl! I could squeal I’m so excited. But I won’t. I’ll just be grinning for about another two weeks until the first episode returns with season four {oh and if you haven’t seen the trailer for it yet – go check it out here}. Love.
Second, Fashion’s Night Out is happening again this year! I cannot wait – last year was so much fun… here are a couple of my shots from last year {look at Zac Posen in the Bergdorf window} but then my camera died. I’ll be sure to have it fully charged this year! FNO, September 10th 2010 – if you’re around NYC, it’s an event you should be sure not to miss!

And Last, then you combine those two and get this. GG does FNO. Can’t wait to watch and experience it all. Anyone else going to be there?

Onto other things… I randomly cut my hair on Sunday night – just needed a change. Feels so fresh and clean, clean. And as of late I’ve been taking in how much ‘stuff’ I have and all that I haven’t even worn or used yet. So in an attempt to just clean out and try to not spend for a month, I’ve decided to do 31 pieces in 30 days. So for the month of September each outfit I wear will be pulled from only 31 items in my closet, everything else is going into storage until October 1. Do you guys think I can do it? I probably sound crazy. Each Wednesday I’ll post my seven outfits from the prior week. Next week I’ll also update you on the 31 different pieces I’ve chosen; however, this doesn’t include handbags, jewelry or my camisoles {I practically wear them under everything like underwear so doesn’t count}. I am not a fashion blog and have never claimed to be but I do love fashion and thought this would be a fun challenge and a little change of pace for my blog. Hope you all stick around to see if I can pull it off. Inspiration from Lucky magazine and Kendi, check out her blog here.

{sorry for the quality not being the best... I was running late and remember how HOT I said it was outside? Well you can almost tell in this snapshot!}
Hello Short Hair!

Wow, that was a lot of writing for me. I guess it is just time for some change around here.

~Happy Wednesday~


Summer {Bisfor...} said...

I love FNO and omg, that photo of Zac Posen is to die for.

Love love love your new hair and I so think you can do the 30 outfits in 30 days!

Indie.Tea said...

Your hair looks very nice.
I live in California, and so I kind of envy your weather, we're had no summer here.

Fashion Cappuccino said...

You look beautiful in short hair! I'm tempted to have short hair but I love having long hair so much! xxoxoxoxoo

wilybrunette said...

oh your short hair looks amazing!! but then again, you're super cute so imagine you can pull off whatever look you'd like.

i've been toying with the idea of a haircut, but i'll wait to return to nyc before i do anything drastic!!

Michelle said...

Okay so my laptop is going nuts and this is the 3rd time I type up my comment! lol

OMG I love your hair even more now seeing it in this picture. You look fabulous and ready for the fall.

And as far as the outfit challenge, I'm very curious to see how you do it!

Finally so happy that your blog is really taking off. I see so many more comments now and readers! woot woot. :)

MyLittlePhotographs said...

You're sooo pretty, I love your hair:)

bananas. said...

god i wish i lived in NYC. all the cool things happen there.

i heart your hair. looks so healthy!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah! Zac Posen! I can't stand the fact that I miss FNO every year - I want to go!

By the way...the hair = phenom! It's so light and bouncy!! :)

pinkapplecore said...

aww your hair looks nice, I bet a little off feels better in the heat, not so heavy.

It was hot here too, in the 90s and so dry...bah!

be glad for fall!

Becca said...

I'm a closet GG addict as well. I can't wait for the new season to start! But at the same time, it's a little bittersweet to see summer go.

BenchesandChandeliers said...

despite the heat, all the fashion makes me want to visit ny during times like these!


Krystal said...

good luck on your challenge!! i also recently cut my own hair - made a bob. kind of scary!

Heather {A Measure Of...} said...

Lovely hair, I like your outfit challenge! Good luck, you can do it! :) (enjoy the heat while it lasts!)