29 April 2011

for a first, worth it for free

Last night I got to go to my first Yankees Game!! I love going to almost any kinda' sporting event... there's beer and cheesy songs that I haven't heard in forever, those two things make me happy {especially after this week I've had}. And also what better way to experience the game than in suite style with tickets for Admins Day!
{note: it was a gift to a co-worker and I got to tag along -- thanks Jenn}

{Swisher had his first home run of the season, I'm his newest fan}
~Happy {very happy} Friday ~~ hope you have an amazing weekend~

“If you didn't love that game,
you don't love baseball.”
{nick swisher}

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bananas. said...

that is a serious scoreboard and players info screen...it's massive!!!

i'm no yankees fan but i love me some baseball so i can appreciate this post :)