20 July 2010

there's a place I know... and there's glitter on the floor

To sum up Saturday night – bar after bar after bar… and me becoming known for my party in a bag {I know some people can take this the wrong way but I mean it in the most fun, child-like even way}. For B’day nights out on the town, I tend to always at least bring a bag of confetti and then whatever follows is extra. This night I decided to bring along nick-name wrist bands, B’day beads, Glo-in-the-Dark bracelets, necklaces and sticks AND Bubbles. Yes, my {blogging} friends, we were blowing bubbles in a bar. Here are a few snapshots to sum up the night… oh and don’t forget the photo booth {always my fav thing in a bar} and the new item I checked off my wish list… the new Fuji Instax cam aka my new Joylaroid camera!

Places Visited:
Mason Dixon
{the food was delish}
The Sixth Ward
The Mean Fiddler

~Happy Birthday Sister BG aka my roomie~


♥Aubrey said...

LOVE it ♥
You girls owned that bar floor...strutting your stuff in style.

Great pics!!! Have a wonderful week.

bananas. said...

uh i want a photobooth in my house!!! and i have yet to go to a bar that has one. i might need to start wedding crashing since having it's the thing to have at weddings now.

cute post! love all the birthday glitz.

Mackenzie {Design Darling} said...

Glittery floors? Sign me up! You look adorable.

pinkapplecore said...

man I wish I had a close by friend with a party bag...way cool!

Cafe Fashionista said...

Gah, I am so going to have that Ke$ha song stuck in my head for the rest of the day now!

Happy, Happy Birthday to Hillary! Love love these pictures!! :)

Becca said...

This looks like such a fun bday celebration! And, I love that Ke$ha song, such a guilty pleasure.

Renée said...

Seems like you had a good time! All those happy faces :)

April said...

I love photo booths! And the party in a bag! :)

Ra said...