19 July 2010

it's called a joylaroid because it makes me happy

The weekend was a blur but it was great – I have too many pics to go through and many “Joylaroids” {aka the new fuji instax, pretty much the same as Polaroid} to scan in from Saturday night. So until I have more time to go through the weekend snapshots; here are a few images of my favorite ladies that just feel like summer to me right now…

image credit: {via glamorous lounge & we heart it}

Make it a Monday Funday this week!


bananas. said...

i need a joyaroid too! haha. i like that.

and those women above make me hate myself. they're all so beautiful!

♥Aubrey said...

Beautiful photos!!!
Makes me want to go play in the sun.

Natalie said...

zooey looks so gorgeous there! love it :)


Craig said...

excellent post ..islandie..love your blog//pretty nice contents...helps to learn some thing for a non-native speaker ....attractive n cool snaps as like my cool blog..